2015 – Traditional Year-End Considerations

November 20th, 2015

ARCHIVE NOTICE: This articles was posted in November 2015.
The information is not necessarily relevant to the current tax year.

A number of traditional year-end tax planning strategies may be helpful in maximizing tax savings, depending upon your overall tax situation anticipated for the rest of 2015 and estimated for 2016.
These include:

  • Receive bonuses after December
  • Coordinate capital losses against the sale of appreciated assets
  • Redeem or postpone the redemption of U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Consider Roth Conversion before year-end or delay Roth conversions until 2016
  • Minimize retirement distributions or maximize distributions to fill up the tax brackets
  • Defer billing and collections
  • Take advantage of like-kind exchange treatment
  • Bunch itemized deductions into 2015/Standard deduction into 2016
  • Accelerate bill payments into 2015
  • Pay last state estimated tax installment in 2015 if you are not in AMT
  • Postpone economic performance
  • Minimize AGI limitations on deductions/credits
  • Watch net investment interest restrictions
  • Match passive activity income and losses
  • Complete installment sales that defer gain
  • Make tax-free gifts of $14,000 per recipient ($28,000 for married couples)


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