Frank J. Stettner, CPA, CFP®

Frank J. Stettner, CPA, CFP®Senior Vice President

Get to Know Frank
Frank has always been good with numbers. He started in accounting and bookkeeping more than 30 years ago, and  began working in tax preparation and financial planning at Valley National Financial Advisors more than 23 years ago. His personal mission is to keep clients’ lives simple. “I want to take their worries away and let them know that someone else is there tending to their [financial] needs.” Frank enjoys working with people to solve their problems and his goal is to always make clients feel like their time with him is productive. “I’m very comfortable with my clients,” he says. “They should not hesitate to call us for anything.”

Outside of the office, Frank is an active member of his community in Phillipsburg but his main focus these days is “getting the kids through college.” Frank’s family has always been heavily involved in the local schools and Frank has spent more than 25 years as a youth sports coach and volunteer. In addition to his commitment to his family and his hometown, Frank enjoys spending time in the outdoors when he gets the chance – hunting, fishing, hiking and biking.


Professional Certifications / Registrations

  • BA – Accounting and Management (double major), Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®)
  • Investment Adviser Representative
    Valley National Advisers, Inc.
  • Registered Representative
    Valley National Investments, Inc.
Industry Affiliations / Awards & Recognitions

  • Active Member, Phillipsburg Rotary Club
  • Active Member, Phillipsburg Chamber of Commerce
  • “Honorary Membership” Phillipsburg Police Benevolent Association (service in the community)
  • Steele Hill Youth Association Hall of Fame Inductee

Frank’s Client Process
Call our New Jersey office at 908-454-1000 to schedule a meeting with Frank. He will schedule time to get to know you and give you a chance to interview him to make sure that you are comfortable. The purpose of this initial meeting is to see if you have found the right place. There is no charge for this time with Frank. REQUEST A MEETING

Resources—for calculators and articles—for tax information and regulatory updates—for a pulse on the stock and bond markets

How do I know if I have enough money to retire?

This is not an easy question to answer, but it is one we find clients asking every day. We have to be able to digest your current financial state, and be able to roll it forward through retirement years. This can be quite a challenge as we need to take your current and future budget into consideration, your future income streams like social security and pension, and also your current investment portfolio along with your annual savings pattern and investment style. Once we roll all this together, we can get a much clearer picture of where you will be at retirement.
How do you get paid?
Depending on how you engage us to work with you will govern how you choose to pay us. If you would like a financial plan done, we normally will quote a fixed fee once we meet with you to get a better idea of how complicated, or simple, the plan will be. The fees for this type of engagement normally start at around $250. If you engage us to prepare your income tax returns, the fee is computed based on the amount of time spent. Once again, the more complicated tax returns will be more costly. If you engage us to manage the investments inside your portfolio, it is done on a percentage basis. These fees vary based on the account size.
How do I work with a financial advisor?
The first step in working with a financial advisor is to meet face to face. You need to have a good comfort level when choosing someone you will hopefully be working with for the next 10, 20 or 30 years. I always offer an introductory meeting at no charge, so I can meet with folks and let them get a better understanding about myself and my firm.

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