Investment Management

Through our unique financial planning process, Valley National Financial Advisors can create a custom investment plan to handle all of your portfolio needs through Valley National Advisors, Inc. (VNA)

VNA is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), to manage each portfolio with full discretion.  This allows the advisor to make changes and choose investments in accordance with the client’s financial plan and objective.

We have the capability through Valley National Advisers, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), to manage each portfolio with full discretion. This allows the advisor to make changes and choose investments in accordance with each client’s financial plan and objectives.

Our Investment Philosophy
Our investment philosophy is centered on developing and monitoring a portfolio strategy that aligns with our clients’ goals and expectations. Valley National seeks to maximize returns designed within a framework that minimizes risk. This is accomplished by uniquely balancing absolute and risk-adjusted returns. Absolute returns consider an asset’s return over a given period of time. Risk-adjusted returns define how much risk is involved in producing an asset return. By analyzing both, we can develop an asset mix that best represents a client’s tolerance for risk and long-term return goal.

Our Investment Process
At Valley National Financial Advisors our investment philosophy is focused on meeting each client’s objectives. We seek to deliver investment return while managing risk by employing disciplined processes related to asset allocation, security selection, and portfolio construction, coupled with daily monitoring and risk assessment. Most importantly, we are always there to guide our clients, especially during periods of extreme market volatility.

Capital Market Assumptions
Develop expectations for future risk and returns on various asset classes.

Strategic Asset Allocation
Develop a diversified target allocation based upon risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives.

Portfolio Construction
Select securities aiming to manage risk while attempting to maximize investment returns.

Review investment performance to ensure securities and asset allocation are producing the appropriate risk management and return.

Tactical Asset Allocation
Adjust the strategic allocation, based on market trends, to preserve capital or take advantage of favorable market conditions.

Our Investment Committee
Valley National’s Investment Committee is responsible for monitoring model asset allocation and investment selection. It is the Investment Committee’s goal to have Valley National’s portfolios fulfill their purpose and objectives. To determine if these objectives are met, the committee is responsible for designing the set of assumptions for risk tolerance and expected returns. The committee continually supplies data and analysis to Valley National’s Advisory Team on a macro and case-by-case basis. The Investment Committee operates to create constructive relationships and support our highly professional and educated Advisory Team.

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