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Valley National Financial Advisors know that when it comes to financial planning and wealth management, understanding effective tax planning strategies is essential.

Tax Return Preparation
If you are interested in engaging Valley National to prepare your Tax Return for the first time, please e-mail us at or click here to contact us.

For our clients, please proceed with the following steps:
*If you are a returning client, skip Step#1.
STEP#1* – Engagement & Consents Forms (online survey)
Need paper? Click here for printable PDF versions of these initial forms.

STEP#2 – Tax Questionnaire (online survey)
Need paper? Click here for a printable PDF version.

STEP#3 – Collecting & Organizing Your Tax Information

VIDEO: Welcome New Tax Clients
VIDEO: Tax Preparation “Preparation”
VIDEO: Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for printable PDF FAQ.

VIDEO: 2019 Year-End Tax Planning Topics

Tax Planning
Valley National Financial Advisors have in-depth knowledge of the state and federal tax laws in order to implement appropriate strategies for your specific financial situation.

Our experienced CPAs and tax preparation specialists work closely with your financial advisor to minimize tax exposure as part of your overall financial plan. Having the entire team in-house means there is no need for a third party accountant and your tax planning can be easily integrated into your ongoing financial planning.

Tax law can be very complex and is always changing. Valley National monitors these changes and complexities throughout the year coordinating them with your existing financial plans to reduce your tax liability.

ARTICLES: Recent Tax Topics

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