Action Plan For Your Portfolio

November 23rd, 2011

The stock markets have already dropped in the possibility of an economic slowdown AND uncertainty in Europe. There is a possibility the forecasted downturn is now fully factored into stock prices. If true, this would not be the time to sell. On the other hand, the economic downturn could be long-lasting and severe. It is very difficult to predict its severity. There is no exact, 100% sure-fire way to time recessions or markets. And it is very difficult to predict the actions of European central bankers and politicians. Due to the lack of clarity in my crystal ball, I recommend the following, depending upon which category fits your unique circumstance:

1. Aggressive investors, moderately aggressive investors, and investors who do not intend to touch their investments for 10 years or longer – continue to hold the current allocation of core investments, gather more information, and carefully watch European interest rates.

2. Investors who need to withdraw from the investment portfolio – “park” any amounts you expect to withdraw within the next 5 years in a short/intermediate term bond fund.

3. Conservative, moderately conservative, preservation minded investors and investors who with start withdrawing from their portfolio in 5 to 10 years– reduce exposure of the more volatile stock and stock mutual fund holdings in your portfolio.

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