Personal Notes

September 30th, 2014

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made the playoffs as a “wild-card” team. The Pirates will play a one game contest in Pittsburgh against the SF Giants to determine who will face the Washington Nationals.

2014 will go down as a very successful year for the Pirates. The Pittsburgh batters were outstanding in the National League: 2nd in team Batting Average, 2nd in On Base Percentage, first in pinch hitting batting average, and 3rd in home runs. Harrison and McCutchen finished with the 2nd and 3rd best batting average in the league.

However, their pitchers wobbled between periods of greatness to periods of disappointment. For the season, the Pirates pitching staff’s statistics were average.

The Pirates attendance and other revenues jumped in 2014. I suspect they can be much more competitive in retaining key players in the future. And, the farm system holds some great talent with bright prospects.

Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, the future looks bright for the Pirates.

Thomas M. Riddle
President, VNFA

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